Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day Party #1

Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day with Brian's family at his parents house. Kate and I both forgot our cameras but were able to use Karen's to get some pictures. The kids LOVE grandma's new piano and like to sit at it and play it (or watch it play itself!). It was a little chilly out but we managed to get some pics. Me and my boys. :) I thought this one turned out when I quick looked at it but apparently Brian forgot to open his eyes...need to try for a better family pic this coming Sunday with my family.
Mom Meeuwsen and her boys. :)
Brian's brother and his family. Sadly they are moving to Nebraska as Eric is running the new ethanol plant ZFS started up called Nebraska Corn Processing (NCP). They say its temporary and only for a year so we are holding them to that! It's going to be a hard summer for Carter to not have 'the girls' to play or swim with at Grandma's house. Kate started a blog called Never Say on the feel free to follow their journey!
Grandma Karen and her grandkids! We needed a new picture for her frame now that Trey is here!
My parents and my brother and his wife both had other things up this past Sunday so we are celebrating with them this coming weekend.

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