Monday, May 3, 2010

The last couple of weeks

As you can see Carter LOVES his baby brother. He always wants to hold him and give him kisses. He does just fine when I am feeding him and has been very patient with mommy but doesn't always want to listen. Some days my heart breaks for the little guy as I know his world has been turned over and I need to remember what he is going through too! Thankfully Trey is a VERY content baby so it allows me a lot of one on one time with Carter. He is still adjusting and has his moments but every day seems to get better.
Our little lovebug, Trey. I could just hold him all day and kiss him to pieces. LOVE that soft baby skin and how he goes right into the fetal position when you hold him! He has been sleeping 4-6 hour stretches at night which is awesome! Carter was such a good baby and I never thought I could get lucky with two good ones but so far we have been spoiled again.
Thursday Jackson, Greyson and his mommy came over to bring us dinner and Carter gave Jackson his 2nd birthday presents. The boys were so cute together and thought they were pretty cool both sitting in Carter's chair. Later they were both in the toy box together!
Saturday we headed to the Dandelion Festival for the parade and fun and games. Carter had so much fun on this bouncy/slide thing and he also loved to ride the ponies again. It was a fun morning and so cute to watch him love the parade and collect all the candy!

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The VanderZwaags said...

So cute!!! Glad to see you guys this weekend! Trey is super cute! Glad things are going so well!