Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photo shoot--Pre Trey

A few days before Trey was born one of Brian's co-workers wife took some maternity/family/kid pics to help build her portfolio for her photography business. Even though I was not a fan of my belly I know down the road I will appreciate the pictures. We went to the local school for her to snap some pictures. Here are just a few of my favorites. No, we did not know we were having a boy. Jen made one of these for a girl too. And for those that are curious her name would have been Jade Evelyn (middle name after my Grandma Boers). Carter would have been Trinity Ann (middle name after my mom) if he were a girl. :) Up in the tree!
Playing with daddy on the playground. So excited! Giving momma some love. Afterward she came and snapped some of Carter in the tub too. :)


The Lucas Family said...

Adorable pics Kel! If you're giving away your girl names, does that mean you're done having kids??? :) Hope to call you soon to schedule a time to meet Trey!

Meeuwsens said...

Not necessarily...still up for discussion. :) Just sure we will change our minds again! :)