Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tulip Time Fun

Me and my boys had a great week enjoying the sights and sounds (and junk food!) of Tulip Time. So for four days in a row I successfully got both boys ready and out the door! These pics are in no particular order...just some of my favs.

First off...the tulips at our house. They came up great this year.
On Thursday we met Amy, Norah and Ethan downtown to watch Jen dance and go for a walk. We also got some great pics of the kids...this one is definitely my favorite one. We both had to sign model release forms from some of these shots...maybe they'll be published someday!
And believe it or not we ran into cookie monster! The kids weren't to sure what to think of him at first so we had to get in the picture as well.
My two little dudes.
Wednesday we went to the parade with Jen and Liam and a whole crew of friends. On the way back to the car Carter thought he needed to get out and pull Liam.
Tuesday night I picked up my mom and dad and we headed downtown to watch Jen dance.
Jen is our fabulous costume maker and it works out great that Liam can wear Carter's from last year and Trey could wear Carter's from two years ago. Thankfully she bought the whole roll of fabric as I LOVE the green!
Monday night we were able to drag daddy downtown to get some pictures. We knew it wouldn't be so busy and it was a beautiful night so we were able to get a few. A nice lady volunteered to take one of all of us.
Me and my lovebug. :) I am pretty sure he slept through his entire experience of Tulip Time. Oh to be a newborn.
Brian and Carter checking out the goldfish in the pond.
It was a great week and we definitely got our use out of the boys costumes! I may be biased but they were the two most adorable little dutch boys!

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