Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy, busy! was a busy week that flew by! Loved the beautiful weather and definitely took advantage of it! One of Carter's many nicknames is 'mini me' b/c he not only looks like his dad but as you can see he has to do everything just like him! Don't mind our needs some help!
Tuesday (I think!) we went to go play with the Busscher boys. Carter and Jackson had fun playing in the sandbox, riding the gator and swimming in the pool.
Wednesday night Brian was helping DeWitts move into their new house so me and the boys went to our nieces t-ball game. Carter made a friend pretty quick and they played catch. Check out that form! :)
Friday Alyssa and Kaylee and their mom came over to play. Carter and Alyssa had fun playing together and me and Vicki had fun catching up! Here they are having some cheese and crackers for a snack.
Most Friday nights we grill out and have a bonfire with our neighbors. Carter played HARD as you can see...he was FULL of dirt and came in kicking and screaming b/c he was having so much fun.
Saturday Carter's fav little neighbor girl Syndey came over to swim in his pool. They would stand on the little steps, count and jump in. They just giggle and giggle when they are together.
Needed a picture for church for baptism on Sunday so I snapped a few of Trey after Carter was in bed on Saturday. Love him to pieces!
Yesterday afternoon we hung out at mom and dad Meeuwsen's pool and then once the boys were up from naps we went out on the boat. We went out to the big lake so Brian could drive his race boat. It was fun to watch it go over the waves. (I think something bit Carter's was rosy all night but fine today).

Trey's first boat ride...he slept through most of it. My sweet little lovebug.
Today we enjoyed Memorial Day by going to the pancake breakfast at South Olive School then hung out at home and headed to the Meeuwsen get together tonight. Best pic of my boys in their red, white and blue. :)

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