Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1st Weekend Away

This weekend we headed up to DeWitts cabin with Jason, Martha and Jacob and Dan, Amy and Norah. The first night we put the boys in the double jogger and headed to the trout pond while the boys did some fishing. On the way back Jacob was getting a little sleepy so Carter shared his pipe. Jacob is a sneaky little guy...we didn't find that pipe back all weekend! :)
Saturday we headed over to the cottage at Big Star so the guys could spread bark. The girls walked down to find Jeff, Heidi & Caden. Jacob wanted to feel the water so we stripped him down. Norah was back at the cabin with great grandpa and grandma Huyser and Carter took a nap in the Baby Bjorn. It was cute to watch Caden and Jacob play together.
And as usual Norah and Carter did what they do best...sleep!

Thanks Jason and Martha for a fun weekend!!

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DeWitt Family said...

Glad you guys could come with us. Thanks for helping with the work at the cabin!! I hope our next little guy is as sweet of a little baby as Carter.