Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Little Dutch Boy

Tuesday night we went downtown to watch Jenni dutch dance and capture some pictures. Hopefully we can go again tomorrow night to get some more and watch Jenni again.
Here is Jen with the little dutch couple, Carter and Norah. Jen made both cute! And she showed up with shoes with their names on them...they are two spoiled babies!
Yesterday Jen, Carter and I headed downtown to the parade. What did Carter do the whole time? Yep, slept! He has missed out on a lot of things in life already...if he only knew! :)
We met the DeWitts and Bouwens downtown. Martha and her mom were nice enough to go downtown at 6 am to get us good seats. Here is Carter and Gabe and their moms.
Jacob and Gabe telling each other how cute they look in their costumes.

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