Monday, May 5, 2008

Carter's Busy Weekend

I started off my weekend by visiting mommy's friend Kathy's new baby, Jackson. I am excited to have a buddy so close in age to me to play with!
Saturday me, mommy and Tim cheered on daddy and Jen as they ran the 5K race in Zeeland. Daddy finished 17th overall and 3rd in his age group despite his sore legs and the strong winds...go dad!
Then we went to Borculo for the pancake breakfast and the Dandelion parade. The parade had loud noises so I just slept the whole time.
When we got home Josh was ready to see me. He claims he doesn't have the baby itch...yeah right!
Saturday night mom and dad took me to Beechwood Inn to celebrate Grandpa De Jonge's 80th birthday with her whole family. Everyone just passed me around so they all could hold me.

Last night grandpa and grandma Meeuwsen came over to babysit me so mom and dad could go to a concert at church..phew...I am pooped out so mom and I are just chilling out today! Need to save my energy for the Tulip Time festivites this week!


The Lucas Family said...

Kel, I LOVE Carter's shoes in that picture with Kathy's new little guy. How adorable :) I wish I would have known you were at the Dandelion parade...I would have met up with you. Maybe at Tulip Time this week :)

DeWitt Family said...

Wow Carter! You are a very busy little boy. You remind me of Jacob when he was a newborn like you. Always out and about taking in/or sleeping through it all. Looking forward to seeing you at Tulip Time.