Thursday, May 22, 2008

My busy week

I have been lots of places this week! Tuesday I went to visit my friend Jackson. Mommy and her friend Kathy call us the mini Brian's b/c everyone says we look just like our daddies.
Yesterday mommy had Aunt Kate do her hair so I got to hang out with my cousins and grandma.
Last night Uncle Mike had a birthday so we went to his and Aunt Kim's house for ice cream cake. And today I went to visit my girlfriend Norah. Yep, I was even a sly guy and snuck my arm around her.

This weekend mom and dad are taking me up north with my friends Jacob and Norah...I sure am excited to have a sleep over with them!


DeWitt Family said...

Carter you are a pretty busy boy! Jacob is very excited to show you all the fun things he gets to do at his grandpa & grandma cabin.

DeWitt Family said...
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The Lucas Family said...

Kel, Carter is sooo handsome! We'll have to come over for a visit next week. Oh yeah, and Alyssa saw the picture of Carter with Norah and is pretty jealous! ;)

Dan &Amy; Amy Huyser said...

After Carter left our house Norah slept all afternoon. I caught her smiling in her sleep a few times...I'm sure she was dreaming about Carter! Thanks for coming to see us.