Monday, May 12, 2008

My 1st Mother's Day

Carter started off Mother's Day weekend on the right note. Him and his friend Jacob took their mommy's out to dinner Saturday night to Crazy Horse while their daddy's were off to the Red Wings game. Martha and I are trying our best to get Jacob used to a new baby. They babysat Carter for a little bit in the afternoon and since Carter was sleeping Jacob thought he had to nap we can only wish that will happen when baby #2 arrives, right Martha? :) As you can see Jacob loves Carter things...he always has to empty out his diaper bag and check everything out and he likes his car seat too. When he comes to our house he hangs out in the bouncy seat. :)

Sunday morning Carter woke me up with new 600 count sheets for our bed...they are AWESOME and super soft! Something I have wanted but didn't want to spend the money on. I can't believe how much the count # in sheets makes a difference. He is quite the practical little guy. After church we headed to Brian's parents for lunch. As you can see it was just too much for Carter. :)

At night my family came to our house for dinner. My mom bought me the book Let Me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsbury. It is so cute and will make you cry! Definitely reminds me to cherish every single moment with Carter b/c some of those moments only last so long!

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