Thursday, May 1, 2008

Huge surprise...the greatest friend ever

So at the ballgame last night Debi said Jen was working on something and said, oh you don't know? I was like, no, why? She said, oh I will have to have Jen show you. So I talked to Jen last night and was like, what are you working on? Something that your mom is helping you with or something??? And she said, oh I will show you tomorrow. So today Jen and I had a day of shopping planned so she comes over and says, oh I brought what I was working on. So low and behold she takes it out of the bag and she made a dutch costume for Carter!!!!!!!!!!! I started to cry...she is amazing and the greatest friend ever. I know I have mentioned it before but SHE IS! It is fricken adorable! We put it on him b/c she is finishing some of it up for size and it is ADORABLE!!! He looks so cute. will have to wait for pics next week! She made one for her brother's new baby Norah too so we will have to make sure we meet downtown next week and take pics of the babies.

Thank you Jenni! You are the best and Carter loves you so much!

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The Lucas Family said...

Can't wait to see the costume! Maybe we'll meet up with you downtown next week for some pictures of the kiddos :)