Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby DeHaan is staying put

Kathy and I went to go see Jen and Tim tonight. Lots of good news to share! God is definitely hearing your prayers...thank you, thank you!

They were able to take out the magnesium IV this morning b/c it helped to relax her uterus so she felt a lot better today. She didn't have any contractions today so that was awesome! And yesterday one of the nurses thought the baby had dropped b/c she had trouble finding the heartbeat but that didn't seem to be the case either. He was just hiding. :) So now she is on a calcium blocker pill b/c apparently if your body takes in or builds up too much calcium that can make you go into labor. So she takes that every six hours. She is still able to get up to go the bathroom and was able to shower but has to lay pretty flat while she is in bed. She definitely is sick of laying down and just wants to walk around so pray that her days go fast and that her back doesn't get sore. We tease her that she will get bed sores...anything to keep that little guy in for a couple months, eh? : )

To answer some questions that I have been asked:

They didn't sew her cervix shut b/c they would have had to do that around 20 weeks and that still wouldn't stop her cervix from thinning and she still would be at where she was at. It doesn't prevent you from going into labor either and her doctor said it is very controversial and sometimes does more harm than good.

Her doctor doesn't really say how long she thinks she will make it b/c its hard to know what her body will do. 27 weeks would be great b/c the risk of health problems decreases drastically. We are hoping she makes it well beyond that!

Her spirits are good and she is feeling pretty good that this little guy will stay put for a while. It's a long road yet but she is staying positive.

Yes, visitors are welcome! Anything to make her day go faster! We actually moved her to a bigger room tonight b/c the other room could hardly hold all of us! The nurse made a quick call and 2 minutes later we were moving her down the hall. Her room # is 4406 and the phone # is 391-7318.

Thanks again for all your prayers...they are working! God is good!

I found out in the last few days more people read our blog than I thought so I thought I better keep everyone updated since Jen doesn't have a blog. :) That's what 'sisters' are for, right?


Nick and Kristi Bonstell said...

thanks Kelli!

Unknown said...

That is great news!!! Thanks for all the updates Kelli!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are going well. This is a great blog. Keeping you in my thoughts.