Friday, September 26, 2008

Carter's first ride

Wheelchair ride that is! Today Carter and I went to hang out with Jen and since it's Tim's b-day we needed to go shopping! So I loaded Jen and Carter in the wheelchair and we headed down to where else, the gift shop! We actually had some luck finding some stuff for Tim and the PERFECT card (it says Gitty Up on it!). I told Jen she needs to take Carter (or Norah) along more often b/c everyone paid attention to him and didn't even realize Jen was in the wheelchair. One lady said he looked just like his mom! Jen and I had to hold in our laughter til we got to her room and we started cracking up b/c we assume he was talking about was funny. Maybe you had to be there.

Carter thought he needed to nap on her bed too. He actually fell asleep until we woke him up to go for the wheelchair ride. I swear he will sleep anywhere. He loves the blankie Jen made for him and has to have that over his face and his fingers in and he is all set. Isn't he so cute? Maybe I'm biased. :)

Please keep my grandpa De Jonge (in the below post) and our family in your prayers. He was admitted to the hospital this week and moved to the Hospice house today. We hold our faith strong knowing that he will be made whole again in heaven. He has definitely been a blessing to us and him and my grandma raised 3 Christian children and 8 grandchildren (4 of which are married) and his one great grandchild, Carter. He is 80 years old and him and my grandma will have been married 60 years next year. We love him so much and are cherishing our final days with him.

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Nick and Kristi Bonstell said...

You and your family will stay in our thoughts and prayers at this time. If you need anything please let us know!