Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Ugh, what a day, eh? Brian is sicker than a dog on the couch and Carter is napping so here I sit in the bedroom. Fun, fun. :) I did get up this morning and started a new workout class at Borculo CRC. My neighbor Briana came with me so that was nice. It was fun and it was nice to get up and get going this morning. And Carter was way too good to his daddy b/c he just hung out in his crib quiet as could be until I got home at 8:45! Some days I really wonder how long he would lay in his crib b/4 he would start crying! He spoils us!

My mom and I went to see Jen yesterday. We brought her a "real" lunch. She was having a good day and I just chatted with her and she has wheelchair privileges so that's awesome! You can read more on her blog.

Alrighty...guess I better find something to do around here. Don't you just feel like laying in bed all day on days like today? (besides you Jen!) :)

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