Monday, September 8, 2008

Still hanging in there

So after my post last night I was feeling pretty good about Jen and keeping that baby in there. Then when I talked to her this morning she was having contractions every few minutes and she was kind of worried. They had her laying on her side and had talked about maybe upping the Procardia med (calcium blocker). I can remember it b/c it sounds like Bacardi..ha,ha. So I did a lot of praying today and my heart dropped every time the phone rang. I don't think I have ever prayed for Jen NOT to call me! I just called and talked to her and she was much more upbeat so I figured things must be going better. She said it was kind of a whirlwind of a day. They did up the Procardia to 2 pills every 4 hours and they gave her some meds to knock her out this afternoon so her body would relax and she could sleep. She said the contractions went away around noon and she hasn't had any since. God is good! They did an ultrasound today and her cervical length stayed the same and when they put pressure on it it only went down to 13 mms instead of 8 on Friday and she isn't dilated at all either so that was good news. They also tested her for protein b/c that can be a sign of going into labor and that came back negative as well. Her mom had asked the nurse what she thought and the nurse said this was nothing so keep on praying that that baby boy will stay put for a couple of months! Every day is a milestone!


The Rotman's said...

Thanks for all the updates. Bryan talked to Tim tonight and he didn't mention this which surprises me so I'm glad I checked this. Bryan's not one to ask a ton of question though. We're praying hard over here too. God is so good and I know He's hearing us. Thanks for the updates as you're right, I think a lot of people read your blog.

The Rotman's said...

I have to take back what I said about Tim and Bryan as Tim did share all that went on today. Bryan just hadn't shared with me. Thanks still for the updates as I get them one way or the other. :-)

Kim Lubbers said...

Hi Kelly,

Kathy told me what was happening with you friend, so I just checked out your blog to see how she was doing. Please tell her that the Lubbers family is praying for her and for her little guy! We pray that he will continue to grow and stay put... and that she is "over-due":)