Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Today is a good day"

Those words came out of Jen's mouth several times today. Stacey and I went up to see her. When we got there she was getting an ultrasound and when she came back she looked pretty happy. The baby looked great. He was 2 lbs. 1 oz. so right on track; a little ahead. And her cervical length increased to 21-23 mm's and NO change with pressure! Yeah!! That was awesome news! The doctor said it's not as strong but b/c it is lengthening is great! They did switch Jen to yet another med yesterday b/c she was having contractions and they seem to be working. No contractions last night or today. She is still able to shower so that makes her feel really good. She almost has one week in and will be 26 weeks tomorrow....only 14 to go! :) Ugh, its still going to be a long road! But Jen is staying positive and her days have been going pretty fast...thanks to visitors! Yesterday she even got a facial and hand massage from a volunteer from a new program the hospital has.

And don't worry...Jen knows I am writing her life story on my blog. :) ha,ha. Thanks for everyone who has been sending her emails and notes! She has a laptop now so she definitely is reading them!

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