Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nothing in particular

As the title notes this post will probably be totally random. First off Brian is finally feeling better. He was flat on his back for about 4 days with fever, aches, cough, you name it. probably have more sympathy for me, right? :)

Secondly, here is a picture of the project that yes, I was able to complete WITHOUT the help of Jen. I definitely missed her help BIG time but I was able to manage. I created wedding programs, table tent cards, favor tags for the caramel apple favors (YUM) and place cards (not shown) for a friend of a friend. It's not the greatest picture but you get the gist of everything. Since we have great printers at my work and all the fancy cutting machines and stuff I think this is about the 6th wedding I have done. I do love doing it...its a lot of work but fun.

Jen De Witt, Lenah and I went to see Jen today so that was fun. She is doing you can read from her blog. We were able to wheel her down for lunch. I want to say a HUGE thank you for everyone that has wanted to visit Jen and has been willing to pick me up and drive to help save me some money and for everyone that has been so willing to watch Carter for me. It has been AWESOME and so nice so THANK YOU to each of you!

And what post wouldn't be complete without a pic of Carter! He is getting so big so fast and he is so fun lately I just love it. I broke down and bought him a Jumperoo and he goes nuts in it and could spend hours in it. It wears him out so he sleeps great too! He smiles at everyone lately so its sticken cute...such a little charmer!


The Lucas Family said...

Oh the jumper! I wanted to buy one sooo bad for Alyssa but figured it was similar to her exersaucer. Looks like FUN! And Kel, Jen's talents are wearing off on you! Great job! :)

Mike, Em, and Gavin said...
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Mike, Em, and Gavin said...

Those Jumperoo's are the best. Gavin loved his. So worth the money!

The Rotman's said...

Jumperoo's do rock. We had one but I sold it after I thought Kooper was going to be my last baby. Darn! Carter is such a doll!! I love all the drool on his shirt. I can SO relate. Our little guys are growing way too quickly. On another note, what a talent you have with your invites and such. I can see how Jen would've been a good helper. She's little Miss Martha Stewart in my eyes. :-)